16 treacherous and bizzare school routes for children throughout the world

By Eve Bandusena | Writer for Parents Avenue

For those of us who were lucky, the commute to school was relatively straightforward and easy. Some of us may have lived close enough to school to walk there each morning, others may have been transported by either parents or school busses. And, in that sense, the journey to school was a breeze.

However, not all children experience the same accessible routes to school. For many of them around the world, the barriers endured to obtain an education at schools can be dangerous, high-risk and life-threatening especially for those who live in poverty-stricken third world countries with no public transport, no built roads, and an overall a lack of fund and resources to address these problems.

In this list, we have prepared 16 of the most life-threatening, and somewhat bizarre routes for children throughout the world

Lebak, Indonesia

Part of the children’s journey to school involves climbing on a heavily damaged suspension bridge to reach their school.

Gula, China

Children in Gula, China face treacherous school routes through traveling a small width road. It also takes a staggering 5 hours for them to reach their school.

Rio Negro River, Columbia

In this unique journey to school, children zipline to school 400m above the land.

Kampung Sait, Sarawak

Schoolgirls in Sarawak need to travel to school via a dangerous and narrow makeshift bamboo bridge.

Meghalaya, India

On the way to school, children from Meghalaya, India walk through this beautiful living root bridge.

Zhang Jiawan Village, Southern China

To attend schools, children have to repeatedly climb unsecured, and tall wooden ladders.

Zanskar, Indian Himalayas

Reaching school just reached a new level of difficulty, hiking is a major skill needed to attend boarding school for these children. Luckily, they don’t have to make this journey often.

Kota Marudu, Sabah

This shocking and saddening sight is from our very own Sabah. Children in rural areas climb through a pipeline above a deep river.

Sri Lanka

Schoolgirls in Sri Lanka crossing a plank bridge to make it to The 16th century Galle Fort.

Pili, China


This isn’t even the most harrowing part of the journey, it’s merely a slight stretch of the 125-mile travel to school in the mountains.

Rizal Province, Philippines

While river tubing is a leisure activity for most of us, children who live in Rizal Province use this as a means to get to school.

Padang, Sumatra, Indonesia

Children in Padang, Sumatra make the journey to school by balancing themselves on a tightrope just above a 30 in the air above a river.

Kerala, India

Children head to school by getting on a boat ride.

Cilangkap Village, Indonesia

In order to get to school, children use makeshift bamboo raft.

Sichuan Province, China

Despite the extreme cold and snowy weather, this child makes it to school on a broken suspended bridge.


A girl gets to school by a bull. What a ride!