3 things that brain training can do for your child

By Natasha Sim | Parents Avenue’s Writer

At BrainRx, Certified Brain Trainers are professionals available to guide your child from 6 years of age to improve their cognitive abilities. Trainers use flash cards, pattern sequencing and mnemonic storytelling games, amongst other approaches to boost a child’s mental processing skills.

How does it work exactly? Treat it like a weekly brain workout, if you will. Brain training is like going to the gym, but for brain ‘muscle building’.  

According to Linda, a Certified Brain Trainer at our local BrainRx chapter, the program is 72 hours of structured, intense and highly challenging ‘neuro conditioning’. 

Your child will join a 1.5-hour session three times per week for a personal trainer to deliver a sequence of mental drill exercises that best fit your child’s developmental pace. 

Where do I start? With The Gibson Test. Designed in 1999 by Dr. Ken Gibson, the test is used to analyse a child’s current set of cognitive skills. 

Once tested, parents are better able to see where their child is at in terms of cognitive development. Then appropriate measures can be taken to improve weaker skills and/ or maintain stronger skills. 

With brain training, you can expect these results from your child:

#1 Improved academic performance

As parents, we’d often times send our child for extra tuition classes when they’re weak at a particular subject such as math, for example. 

But have we considered that it could be that our child lacks the mental capabilities to process a more complex set of math problems? 

Here is where brain training can help. Brain training focuses its effort on boosting these five key cognitive areas in your child:  

    • Visual Processing
    • Logic & Reasoning
    • Auditory Processing 
    • Short & Long-term Memory
    • Processing Speed

In just four months, 11-year-old Karen* raised her Logic & Reasoning skills by an age-quivalent gap of three years.

That is to say that Karen started the BrainRx program with math skills equivalent to that of a 9-year-old child, and those skills improved to that of a 12-year-old in a short span of time!

Not only that, Karen’s Auditory Processing skills were raised from 49% (number from her Gibson Test results) to 94%.

Because Karen went through brain training, she was able to score better test results for mathematics in school.

#2 Boosted self-confidence

Sebastien* was 9-years-old with very little friends and limited social skills when he started the program at the BrainRx centre here in KK.  

At the beginning, he had difficulties maintaining eye contact with his trainer and was not verbally expressive during his sessions. 

Throughout the duration of his time at BrainRx, his trainer found out that Sebastien was actually bullied at school due to his weak academic performance. 

But after training, his parents reported back to say that Sebastien had made some good friends at school and was able to stand up to his bully.

One-on-one time with his trainer had proved beneficial for Sebastien as he was able to improve his social interaction skills, at the same time become a better student at school.

That really helped Sebastien become more proactive in class. His sudden confidence worked in his favour and made him a better peer amongst his classmates too.

#3 Improved overall daily functioning

Even as adults, we realise that a better working memory will help us greatly in our daily tasks. But because we can’t remember things as well as we should, we turn to endless to-do lists, phone reminders and so on.

Imagine if your child could remember the names of the 45 presidents of the USA and more?

Through a series of repeating exercises that both combine storytelling and digital training, a Brain Trainer works with a child is to improve his/ her memory functioning.

Brain training makes learning easier for any child. That in turn helps the children function much better independently in their lives.

For example, Dennis* is an autistic boy who joined the program when he was 7-years-old whose attention span only lasted 10 to 15 minutes.

His autism made it difficult for his parents to interact and cooperate with him and they figured that brain training would benefit him somehow.

By the end of the program, Nicholas was able to finally pack his own school bags and to his parents, became less visibly anxious about school.

Dennis’ mother shared that his reading and spelling skills were much better, including his general understanding of subjects.

She mentioned that Dennis was also easier to teach following completion of his brain training program. And his attention span increased to up to an hour!

She couldn’t be more happy for her son.

BrainRx programs are now available at MyLearning Lab at No. B-1-4, Block B, 1st Floor, Metro Town, Jalan Bunga Ulam Raja or you may contact 010-222 6799 for more information. 

Disclaimer: *Names in this article have been changed to conceal the identity of the persons involved as brain training is conducted under strict confidentiality. 

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