7 Sabahan mommas share how they show love to their kids!

By Eve Bandusena | Parents Avenue Staff Writer 

There’s a million in one way a mother displays her love for her child. Here are some heart-warming stories shared by our Sabahan mothers on how they show their love for their children. You’ll love this wholesome content while you’re social-distancing with your loved ones at home due to COVID-19. Let’s take some time to reflect as parents, “How do I show my child love?”


Image Source: Natasha Sim
1. Spending time is the best way to show you love your child

“I try every day to set aside at least five minutes of one-on-one time with my toddler. This is a skill I learned from a parenting workshop I joined a while ago. I put aside my phone. Turn off the TV and I explicitly tell my son that I have X amount of time to spend with him then I ask him what would like to do.”

“Then I let him lead the activity. Most of the time he’ll ask to play Lego. And for me it’s about creating conscious space in the day to connect with him,” says Natasha Sim, momma of one. 

Image Source: Dr. Cecelia Boklin
2. Getting silly while reading a book to my girl

“I read the same storybook to my soon to be 3-year-old girl over and over again, with different voices of characters in the story because she loved it so much! Sometimes to the point where my eyes are half-closed,” laughs Dr. Cecelia Boklin, founder of Kinabalu Animal Clinic and mom of three children.

Image Source: Norfaranina Zaki
3. By just being present

“Just by spending a moment on observing and giving my full attention while my son draws something on a paper. I then let him explain every detail of that makes him feel heard and loved.”

“I am so amazed at how creative a 5-year-old imagination can be just by listening to their explanations. Other than that, giving them a surprise with a homemade dessert or a simple line of “Hey! Let’s go and watch a movie” will make them the happiest kid around too,” adds Norfaranina Zaki, entrepreneur and founder of Little Penyu and mother of three. 

Image Source: Stella Matilda
4. Showering them with the right attention

“To me, I show them, love, by listening to my kids when they are feeling sad. I praise my kids when they do something well and of course correcting them when they do something wrong. I hate to say but the last one is often misunderstood! But I know when they grow up, they will understand a parent’s love is priceless,” mentions Stella Matilda, founder of Parents Avenue and momma of two kids.

Image Source: Edna Mojini
5. Play with them

“It’s not like parents need to play with them all the time but when they are about to play their favorite game, there’s no harm in joining them. As they are not kids for a long time.” 

“There will be a time when they grow up and you just wish that you can play with them just like when they are kids. As for my son, he’s always excited when we join him playing things that he loves, for example playing football. By joining him, we are showing him that we do care about what he loves and who he was,” says Edna Mojini, mother of two.

Image Source: Dr. Sylvia Lim
6. Milk drunk

“As a working mom, I breastfeed my baby whenever possible. I know it is the best food and protection I can give him. The best reward for me is his smiley face getting milk drunk,” says Dr. Sylvia Lim, founder of Phi Dental and mom of one.

Image Source: Dolly Chin
7. Respect their choices

“Kids are independent individuals who have their own choices and willingness. Often parents forget about that and some even force their kids to do things the parents themselves like, for example, attend that violin class that mom wanted to learn when she was young.”

“To show your love to your kids, you must first show your respect for them, including their decisions. Sometimes they may even choose certain things that you would never like, but try to understand from their point of view. Take the violin class, for instance, your kid may like a piano instead. Respect their choices and that will make them happier than doing what they don’t like to,” adds Dolly Chin, founder of Joox Cafe and momma of one.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. At Parents Avenue, we strongly recommend all our readers to seek medical advise from your local hospital or clinic. Thank you. 

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