Spreading The Joy of Reading: Book Donation Drive to SK Kabatang, Keningau

By Stella Matilda 

We often overlook the importance of books and how much of a difference they can make, especially in the lives of children. However, there are many children who are not that lucky to get access to reading books. 

Sometime in June, a friend on Facebook had tagged me to a post of a teacher name Vivyan Rinusin from SK Kabatang, Keningau. In her post, there was a picture of an empty bookshelves in her classroom pleading for the public to donate books. Without any second thoughts to it, I commented back “On it!” and went on to message the teacher to find out what type of books she need for the students. 

As soon as I received more details about what the school need for their reading section. I went on and Launched a Book Donation Drive for SK Kabatang, Keningau, school to approximately 150 students. 


Launched the Book Donation Drive on our platforms.

On the 2nd of June, we Launched the Book Donation Drive campaign on our platforms and ended on the 10th July. In collaboration with Young Explorers Academy, a British based Pre-School located in Likas have step forward in helping with the campaign by providing us a place for the public to send their donation to. 

The Book Donation Drive for SK Kabatang was a success. Thanks to you! We are pleased to say that you (all donors) rose to the occasion and donated not just enough to fill the ailing reading corner but almost make a new library! We are proud to say that it wasn’t just second hand books, but there are also so many brand new books! The total of books? *drum rolls* nearly 500 in total! Well done you!

On the 11th of July, we made the 3-hour drive over the steep mountains to drop the books and finally meet the eager readers of SK Kabatang in Keningau. We arrived in the middle of their sports day and were greeted by the children, their wonderful teacher Ms. Vivyan and the Head Master for the school Mr. Richard Francis. The students quickly rushed the books into the classroom and began thumbing through them immediately, it was hard to get them to put the books down long enough to get a group shot! 

On behalf of SK Kabatang and all of us at Parents Avenue and Young Explorers Academy, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude for your overwhelming support. We know the children’s education will be enriched by each and every book that you donated. 

Until next time, don’t stop spreading the good!

We did not expect any recognition for this campaign. Surprised by the Certificate of Appreciation. We however want to dedicate this cert to all of the donors.

Why You Should Donate Books To Children?

via www.thecuriousreader.in


#1 You’ll help children:
Books help children make sense of the world around them, impart morals and values to them, often without sounding preachy, teach them empathy, and the difference between right and wrong. Moreover, children who can’t read are unable to learn and this impacts their schooling.

#2 You’ll make space for more books:
If you are like us, your shelves are probably overflowing with booksand you may even have an extra copy or two of your favourite book. Perhaps, you’ve put a hold on buying new books simply because you no longer know where to keep them. So, make space for more booksby letting go of the old ones- donate the books you feel can add value someone’s life.

#3 You’ll feel all warm and fuzzy inside:
Seriously, you will feel all warm and fuzzy inside. You are spreading the joy of reading, and making some children smile simply by deciding to donate books. Besides, studies have shown that giving wholeheartedly will make you happy.

#4 You’ll change someone’s life:
You know reading changed your life. Books have been your friends, your partners-in-crime, your confidante. They’ve transported you to new places, helped you find solutions to your problems and, often, simply provided an avenue to escape your reality. For the less fortunate, books are considered a luxury and they simply cannot afford them. Donate books so you can change that by providing much-needed access.

#5 You’ll give the best gift ever- books:
Remember how you felt when you were given a book you’ve been dying to read as a gift? Now, you can pass on the same feeling by giving children the gift of books and inculcating the joy of reading.

Do you want to raise fund, launch a donation drive or simply want to share a story with us and get published? Please feel free to get in touch. Email to me at [email protected] and lets try to get some good work done. 

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