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SCOLIOSIS: Early Detection in Adolescents

  BY DR. CHAN YIN KEEN, DC | B.HSci (Chiro), M.Clin.Chiro | ONE SPINE CHIROPRACTIC Scoliosis (pronounced SkoleeOHsis), is a condition where in the spine curves side to side. On an xray radiograph the spine may look like it’s shaped like the letter S or C, rather than in a straight line. We will find there are several causes for scoliosis such …

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Pregnant Women Should Not Travel to These Countries

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have issued an alert for travel to countries and regions experiencing Zika virus outbreaks. Some of these countries include Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Thailand and the Philippines. (View the full list here.) Recent reports from Brazil indicate that the virus, which is spread to humans through mosquito bites, is responsible for a …

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Gastro-oesophageal Reflux in Infancy

Blergggh!! Regurgitation in young infants – should I be worried? By Dr. Alvin Khoh, Consultant Paediatric Gastroenterologist Gleneagles Kota Kinabalu Hospital | Tel: 088-518 888     A newborn baby! Congratulations all around! The birth of a child is definitely a joyous occasion for the family. One can spend hours just staring at a newborn baby – watching …

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