Charlotte On Teaching Ballet And Expanding On New Dance Classes

By Eve Bandusena, Parents Avenue Editorial Assistant

It’s been three years since Parents Avenue sat down with Charlotte Chan, Kota Kinabalu’s favorite Ballerina turned Ballet Instructor. Since we last spoke, Charlotte Dance Studio has made leaps and bounds with the expansion of her dance studio, new dance classes of different genres, and even providing a full range sale of ballet attire right here at her studio! 
Join us as we catch up with Charlotte on the exciting additions to her dance studio, the importance of dancing and letting us in on her experience running a dance school and simultaneously being a dance instructor.
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On Teaching Ballet And Expanding On The New Dance & Fitness Classes
Since the last time Parents Avenue visited, Charlotte has expanded her classes into different genres, such as Modern Jazz, Theatrical & Performing Arts, Chinese Dance, KPOP Dance, Progressing Ballet Technique, Singing Class and Yoga Kids ®.

“We are trying to utilize all three classrooms. So, besides Ballet and Modern Jazz, we have fitness classes such as Mat Pilates and Piloxing SSP ® for adults as well.”

According to Charlotte, the reception for the Ballet classes was spread by word fairly quickly to the point of their waiting list is almost full. However, the newly added classes Modern Jazz, Chinese Dance, Theatrical & Performing Arts still have many slots open for new registration.
Briefing us more on Modern Jazz, Charlotte explains, “It’s a very upbeat and energetic dance genre. It has a lot of strong and free flowing movements in contrast to the graceful ballet, so it could be a good challenge for ballerinas to take up Modern Jazz to expand their movements.”
In fact, there are a lot of benefits for dancers to join different dance classes “If you are exposed to more dance genres, your body will adapt to different type of movements and you will develop a more balanced body. Your mind and creativity will also be stimulated. So, we encourage dancers to take up more dance classes than just Ballet.” Charlotte adds.
Charlotte Dance Studio is a one-stop dance and fitness studio with a curated retail section.
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Maintaining Multiple Roles as Founder and Dance Instructor
“Teamwork,” Charlotte smiles, “at the front desk, we have to face different parents of different backgrounds with a variety of questions. So, we’ll need to attend to them one by one. My front desk staff is capable of handling most of the tasks, but when it comes to more important issues, I, as the person in charge, will have to take over.” Charlotte goes on to add that a lot of help goes into running a dance studio, and it’s important to have a great team by her side to keep the operation running. 


“At the end of the day, you can’t do everything yourself. So, you need to trust someone else to help you” she says. 
However, Charlotte stresses that what happens inside the classroom is more important than what happens outside the classroom.  “We need to try our best to teach all we know in the classroom,” she continues “and we need to know each of our students well. And sometimes, we do face challenges such as having a dilemma on whether a student is ready to be enrolled for the exam.”
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The Benefits of Joining Dance Classes
For parents who are interested in enrolling their kids in dance classes, there is a world of advantages! “For ballet, it’s discipline. Other than that, it teaches them about passion. If they love ballet, they’ll try to do their best even when they face challenges.” She continues, “For little children, ballet group class is a good place for them to learn how to socialize and communicate too.”

“We also hold biennial dance recitals. It’s very important for the kids to have the experience of performing in order to grow.  It teaches them perseverance and so as working towards the exam.  Since there is pressure from the exam, some children may tend to start giving up when it’s hard. This is when we’ll communicate with the parents again to encourage their children to push through and persevere.”

Image from Charlotte Dance Studio
Image from Charlotte Dance Studio
Message for Parents Avenue Readers

“I think nowadays, studies are quite stressful at school, so dancing makes the kids happy. Dancing is a good way for them to de-stress and at the same time, learn how to discipline themselves. They may even find it interesting to learn French for the ballet terms.” She says. “All in all, it’s a good hobby even if they are not going for a dance career. It’s a great after-school activity for the children.”

Dancing in any genre in general has proven to be one of the best activities to keep our mind sharp and our heart healthy. It’s not just benefiting for our children, but even for adults and elderly too.

About Charlotte Dance Studio 
Learn Ballet, Modern Jazz, KPOP Dance, Chinese Dance, Theatrical & Performing Arts, Yoga Kids ®, Piloxing SSP ®, Mat Pilates, Singing Class and Progressing Ballet Technique ®.


Charlotte Dance Studio provides the highest standards of classes and that’s what sets them apart. Their courses are structured, children can progress with confidence and skills.


Do get in touch with Charlotte Dance Studio for more information and perhaps find out the best dance or fitness class for yourself to enroll. You may call them at 011-1601 4909 or visit them in person at Unit 5, 1st Floor, Block K, Metro Town, Jalan Bunga Ulam Raja, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. 


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