Cute story alert! Sabahan mum suspects son stealing money at school turns out he was selling grasshoppers to friends

By Eve Bandusena | Parents Avenue Staff Writer | Images Courtesy of Hasmi Samsudindin

Hasmi Samsuddin would provide her seven-year-old son, Qaiser Rifqi RM 2, each day before heading to school. However, she was startled when he returned one day with his money doubled to RM 4 in his pocket on the second day of school.

Reacting reasonably as any mom would, Hasmi was confounded about how her son multiplied his money. She also added that Qaiser returned home from school asking where she kept his piggy bank as he needed to place his newly earned money into it.

She then confronted Qaiser asking him where he’d procured his extra earnings.

Quoted from the article from mStar, Hasmi voiced out, “I thought he had stolen the money from his friends, but when I asked him where he got the money from, he said that made it selling grasshoppers to his friends.”

Yes! You heard it right. Grasshoppers. Isn’t that the cutest thing?

Hasmi further mentioned she was annoyed but also found it funny that her son had started his own business venture in school. Later, she posted his business savvy tactics on Facebook mainly to share this news with her husband, Martin Tamrin who is currently a sailor away at sea.

“The reason I posted it on Facebook was so that his father could see what his son is up to while he’s away at sea.

“Out in the ocean, the phone line isn’t strong. I wouldn’t be able to call him. So, I put it on Facebook for his dad to see.”

After posting this amusing incident on Facebook, it arrested the attention of Facebook users and has been liked 6800 times and has been shared 4000 times.

A steady stream of comments came flooding reacting positively about Qaiser’s business tactics. 

Among them were, “Tomorrow, you’ll be like Tony Fernandez,” and “This kid is intelligent and he has the mind of a businessman. Study hard! I have faith in you!”

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