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Managing your family’s finances is not easy. In addition to the cost of raising your kids, saving for retirement, college tuition, home loans and much more. Nevertheless, finding balance for your family’s short and long term financial goals is possible. CMA Consultancy is a one-stop financial consultation firm consist of professional Financial Planning Experts in helping families like yourself. By creating a comprehensive, personalized financial plan, they are able to they are able to help you to prioritize your family financial goals, and on the same time help to protect your family income.

You deserve the support of a strong financial planner and CMA Consultancy is able to help you with the services below:

• Family Financial Planning
• Retirement Planning
• Gift of Love (Children Education Planning)
• Estate Planning (Will & Trust)
• Risk Management Planning
• Saving and Investment Planning
• Private Retirement Scheme


CMA Consultancy is founded by Cathy Molly Albert who has 10 years experience in accounting and financial planning industry. Graduate with a Bachelor Accounting Degree and also attached as a Chartered Accountant with the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA).

Her passion towards financial planning and financial education helped the lives of many families until this very day. Her goal for CMA Consultancy is to save 200 more lives this year.

Currently, CMA Consultancy have advocate more than 300 families and taking care of hundreds of family’s financial portfolio in Sabah. Cathy Molly stresses that many people are still lack of awareness about financial planning in Sabah. She highlight that “Income Protection should come first and Gift of Love for the children is not an option but CRUCIAL.”


CMA Consultancy’s main goal is to make the financial process simple, even if your life isn’t. So firstly, they will learn everything they can about you, your family and your collective plans for the future. Then, they will minimize the risk by identifying areas in which you are financially vulnerable so that they can take action to protect your family and its assets. After that, they will help you decide which savings, investment and financial tools that are right for you and your family.

They understand that all of this might change, so they created a flexible financial plan so that they are prepare to respond to your needs and the market fluctuations.



Husband and wife Pastor Jegeri Yodok, 44 and Pastor Irene Chin, 34 became parents for the first time in January 2018. Like any new parents, they were overjoyed with the arrival of baby Jeremiah. Parenthood has so many moving parts and learning curves. Overwhelmed with the new responsibility, they admitted that they did not have everything planned out, especially their family health protection plan.

“I have always known about health insurance. I see it all the time on the net and friend’s facebook. I just never took action.” Until one day they stumbled upon an experience that Irene called “really scary and bad for me as a new mother.”


In March 2018, at 3 months of age Jeremiah suddenly grew a swelling on his cheeks one day. His worried parents rushed him to a public hospital for a check up. The process took too long and little or no information was relayed to them on what was wrong with the infant. The next thing they were told was that the nurses had to draw blood from Jeremiah. We spent the next 3 nights at the crowded ward.


The first experience was ‘frustrating and traumatic’ for the couple. Understanding the limitation of a government hospital, they both decided to opt for a better healthcare solution.

“I contacted Joneiter from CMA Consultancy who happens to be a fellow church member at BCCM where we serve . I remember seeing his facebook post about how his daughter received a fantastic medical treatment before and we “fell in love”. He was happy to give information about available plans that was suitable for us. Jon was quick, efficient and attended to us with care. Within a few days we signed up with a Gift Of Love Plan.”


About 3 months later, Jeremiah started wheezing and it became louder and he seemed to be under pressure as each minute passed. They took him to a local clinic and was administered
with some medications. But he got even worse and very weak as he only took 1oz of milk the whole evening. The next morning, they decided to drive back to Kota Kinabalu and get a specialist attention as the baby’s breathing got worse.

“We were so nervous for Jeremiah and as it was our first time utilising the health card, we didn’t know what to do.” Joneiter, even though was on vacation, has made arrangement
from afar. As the agency manager, Cathy Molly was there to assure them that she will carry out the necessary due diligence and contacted Gleneagles Hospital on their behalf.


“Within minutes, his room and a doctor was arranged for his admission at the children’s ward in Gleneagles.” Jeremiah was diagnosed with Bronchitis and it is caused by a virus that affects the smallest air passages in the lungs. When it becomes infected, they can swell or become clogged. They were allowed to return home after two nights.

“We are just ordinary people. There was absolutely no way we would have afforded the RM3,135.60 bill footed for the 5-star treatment Jeremiah got. All of this was possible because of the Gift Of Love Plan that we invested RM200 a month in. Lebih dari berbaloi,” added Jegeri.



Ms Ellycia Josue, 40, married to Ronny John, 42, from Penampang with their son Jayryan. When asked to share how she first decided to protect her child with a Gift Of Love policy, she admitted that she wasn’t convinced that her son needed a plan as he was young. For a few years, she also had a presumption that it’s too expensive and she would have never be able to afford it.

It all started after she witnessed the smooth experience her younger sister had when his nephew was admitted at Gleneagles Kota Kinabalu Hospital for viral fever. The hospital’s cleanliness, friendly nurses and good doctors were what she noticed stood out for Ellycia. Her thoughts quickly went into “What if this happened to my son?”

In May 2017, she took the leap of faith to give his son the Gift Of Love and signed up for a plan with Cathy.


Six months later in December 2017, her son fell ill from high fever and was admitted for 3 days at Gleneagles Hospital. She was nervous as its her first time using the medical benefit.

“Cathy was there every step of the way. She ensured that our registration was smooth so we had nothing to worry about.” He was discharged but little did they know that it was a warning of something more serious.


Everything was fine until two weeks later, when Jayryan was ill again. His fever shot up to 40 degrees Celsius and he suddenly developed rashes all over his body. They rushed him to Gleneagles  to find out that he contracted Scarlet Fever.

“Any parent facing similar situation would feel worried when your child gets admitted twice just a few weeks apart. But having an attentive advisor like Cathy Molly who is fast would respond in a matter of 2 minutes made me confident that I’m in good hands” she added.


In March 2018, 4 year old Jayryan suddenly developed a swelling under his eyes and cheeks. The swelling got bigger after a day and they were concerned that it would affect his eyes. They checked into Gleneagles again where Doctors treated him for allergy from an insect bite. He spent much longer in admission this time, 4 nights in total as most of his treatments had to be IV-ed.

“The long days at the hospital was bearable as Gleneagles has a playroom for children and allow visitors to visit throughout the day. We shared a room with another patient but it still gives a sense of privacy as Gleneagles’ children ward is 2 beds in a room. Nice food was served everyday and given even to the parent. For me, I give it a 5-star” she enthused about her experience.

Cathy happened to be out of the country when the third case happened but she ensured that a representative from CMA Consultancy was there to visit and attend to them. Asked to rate the agency out of ten, she said “Definitely ten out of ten! They are genuinely caring and I can see they love their job”


“We have to plan our spending carefully now and for both of us, our son is top priority so we will make sure we pay his premium first once it’s payday. After experiencing those 3 scary situations in one year, you can never predict what will happen next. I am more determined than ever to keep my son protected.”



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