From TED-Ed to Duolingo, here are the best home-school and online learning resources during quarantine

By Eve Bandusena | Writer for Parents Avenue

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Since COVID-19 has impacted us on a global scale, we’ve had to readjust our ways of living. As for parents, this means home-schooling as a new norm of educating our children. But for most of us, it’s easier said than done. For one, our kids are probably restless from missing the routine of school and their friends, and as parents, trying to home-school our children has its moments on top of keeping our households together.

If you’re at your wit’s end and require a little help, we’ve got you covered! Here is a list of compiled home-schooling websites and educational resources to get your home-schooling back on track with your kids! 

#1 TED-Ed

Age group: 7 to 12 years old

From influential TED Talks, we introduce to you TED-Ed. Parents, you can now create customized lessons for your kid by adding interactive questions, discussion topics and more to your favorite TED-Ed Animations, TED Talks or any video on YouTube. You can easily share the lessons and track the results as well! Not only that, browse through the library of hundreds of TED-Ed Animations and TED Talks that are arranged by your child’s age and subject they’re currently taking.

#2 Khan Academy

Age group: 5 to 17 years old

Expect the best learning experience at Khan Academy! This website offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and personalized learning that empowers students to study at their own pace. The subject at Khan Academy is well-rounded ranging from computer programming, economics to art history. Among their partners are NASA, NASA, The Museum of Modern Art, The California Academy of Sciences, and MIT.

#3 Exploratorium

Age group: 7 to 12 years

Exploratorium features a large array of learning opportunities that tackle mainly maths and science subjects! The website includes free activities, printables, videos, and interactive online resources. Get ready to have fun by conducting science experiments that have been teacher-tested with materials that are cheap and readily available!

#4 Project Gutenberg

Age group: 10 to 17 years old

Project Gutenberg is an excellent resource if you have a little bookwork on your hands! It houses more than 45,000 eBooks and a large library of children’s classical literature by many unforgettable authors. The books can be downloaded to be read on your computer, e-reader, or any mobile device for easier handling. If your kid likes being read to, then audiobooks are also available.

#5 NASA for Students

Age group: 6 to 12 years old

Is your child a science enthusiast? Then, NASA for Students is an excellent resource for children across all ages including teenagers. For parents, it’s prepared many educational support and opportunities through providing lesson plans, activities, videos, interactive, multimedia including STEM-related subjects!

#6 Coursera

Age group: 15 to 17 years old

If you’re looking for something more advanced, then search up for free courses and even work at honing a new skill at Coursera! MOOCs provide on-demand videos, homework exercises, and community discussion forums. At the moment, there are 4, 100 courses and 53 million learners worldwide. What are you waiting for! Get’s started now.

*Coursera is available on at the App Store for iPhone and Google Market for Android

#7 Duolingo

Age group: 8 to 17 years old

Why not add an extra measure of fun by learning a new language? Duolingo carries over 35 languages ranging from Japanese, French, Korean, Portuguese and the list goes on. It’s a free app that adapts to your learning style, instantly receive grading when you’ve performed a test and stay motivated by leveling up each time you’ve finished a test!

*Duolingo is available on at the App Store for iPhone and Google Market for Android

Disclaimer: These online learning websites and apps are free of charge and are non-Malaysian based and non-governmental unless stated.