"The most worthy and valuable gift a husband can give his wife is definitely a proper confinement at Quality Confinement Home & Spa!"

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I’m Wendy and I’m a new mother. Being a new mother, of course I have zero experience and I can only hope and do the best for me and my beloved baby. When I thought delivering will be the most challenging phase, I was wrong. Confinement phase was way more challenging for I had to take care of myself and baby. Thus, choosing Quality Confinement Home & Spa as the place for me and baby to get confined was the best decision and investment me and my husband had made. 


On cleanliness

First thing first, I am very particular about cleanliness. My main concern is about my baby as she’s still very fragile and getting sick is Quality Confinement Home & Spa can guarantee you the best! 

Once you enter the door, hand sanitizer is there to greet you. Even visitors who are not really well will be provided with mask to wear. Your room and even the whole house will also be cleaned everyday by the housekeeper! 

Yes, this is including your room and your baby’s room. You can also request the housekeeper to change your bedsheet when you feel like you have to. During my stay, they washed my clothes every day! The only thing I know was to receive a pile of clean clothes of mine, folded neatly in the next day.

Blue UV light will be switched on and it will kill all the germs. I was more than glad to know that my baby was staying in a good and clean condition. You must be wondering why I mention the mother’s room and baby’s room? Quality Confinement Home & Spa promises all mothers to have quality rest here. All babies are kept in the baby’s room and well taken care of by the nurses.

 They do everything! Giving bath, changing diapers, feeding. My baby came there empty handed as clothes for baby were also provided. While me, I pumped and kept my milk storage in the baby’s room and sometimes I breastfed my baby when I wanted to have bonding time. 

I forgot to mention that even my breast pump and storage bottles, the nurses had them sterilized! Long story short, the nurses were there for my baby 24/7 and me, I really had enough rest every night. I had no worries leaving my baby with the nurses as they have CCTV and I can monitor my baby from the TV they provided. 

On health

Talking about health, I should give them an appreciation shout out! I’d almost forgotten that I’d just delivered a baby! Everything were served to me and I felt like a queen being treated so good. Massage and treatment. Yes, you read that right. I was pampered with that every single day! 

In fact, that was one of the things that I look forward to every day. The physiotherapist really knows her thing. Say no to aching body, dizzy head and breast engorgement. They also provide sauna and use special stone for body furnace. After treatment, they prepared herbal bath for me as well.

Mother’s health is their priority, no doubt. They constantly checked my blood pressure and asked about my episiotomy wound. The same goes to my baby. They weighed my baby every day and monitored her body temperature. 

On entertainment

Some might think that being ‘caged’ in the confinement centre must be so boring. Nope. Not a single minute. I enjoyed movies in my room. Equipped with large tv and Astro, I enjoyed my ‘me time’. 

When I thought the stay will be boring, they surprised all the mothers with a special class. During the class, all mothers were taught how to make soaps from scratch and to my surprise, mother’s milk can be turned to soaps.

 The same goes during Christmas Day. At first, I was a bit sad for not being able to celebrate Christmas at home. It turned out, I had so much fun with the staffs and all mothers during Christmas celebration hosted by the centre. We enjoyed food together, played games and exchanged gifts! Just like how it is supposed to be. 

On food

Second last, the food! One word, awesome. Five times a day! What else to say? Not only they send food to my room, they also provided food in time. Never too early, never too late. They ensure mothers have enough food to eat and most importantly, they are all balanced food. 

From protein to carbs to fibre, everything! Every new day was so exciting. I’d always wondered what food is coming next since the menu is keep on changing. I used to hear people say, food during confinement is not tasty but not for me. I ate delicious meals, tasty and balanced. 

Being a new mother, I try my best to give full breast milk to my little one. Thus, I have to ensure the food and drink that I take can enrich my milk supply. And yup. The ingredients they use to cook are all the food that mothers should take such as red dates and papayas! Another thing that I like about Quality Confinement Home & Spa is, they provide special drink for mothers to enrich their milk supply which is red dates water. I pumped until 8 – 10 oz per session! 

In a nutshell

Last but not least, I love how I learned a lot at Quality Confinement Home & Spa. The senior staff taught me a lot about how to take care our baby. They taught me massage routine for the baby to keep my baby sleeping at ease and the correct way to burp my baby. Besides that, they also taught me baby signs that I believe all mothers should learn. 

I can’t ask for more! I had totally made a correct decision to stay in Quality Confinement Home & Spa during my confinement phase. If I were asked what the most worthy and valuable gift  a husband can give to his wife after giving birth, I will definitely say “a proper confinement at Quality Confinement Home & Spa!” I can assure that your wife will be so thankful for it! 

Thank you, Quality Confinement Home and Spa!

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. At Parents Avenue, we strongly recommend all our readers to seek medical advise from your local hospital or clinic. Thank you. 

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