Instagram roundup: Follow these mums and never run out of play ideas this holiday

By Natasha Sim | Parents Avenue’s Writer

The school holidays are here! And if you’re anything like us, the BIG question for the holiday will always be: how am I going to entertain my children at home?!

We know you’ve been Googling activities to do with your kids. So, we did us all a big favour by doing the homework of scouring the Internet for you.  

If #followFriday is still a thing (which we really hope it is!), here are 5 amazing Instagram accounts set up by moms keen on helping you play with your kids, while they learn

Keep your kids engaged for a developmentally-appropriate amount of time, and we promise, you’d be able to set the laundry and get some dishes done too! 

#1 busytoddler

Susie Allison (@busytoddler) is a mum of three who’s “just trying to make it to naps each day.” Sigh. Don’t we all relate? She shares simple play activities that really do not require a lot of tools or time to set up.

Go through her posts for a dozen and more #tabyactivity. And to answer your question: #taby is a baby that’s just entering toddlerhood, but not quite there yet. 

For a lot of mums, this looks like a kid that knows how to walk, but has very limited attention span, touches EVERYTHING, doesn’t understand ‘no’ and for sure won’t get it when you explain something like ‘please leave the folded laundry alone’.

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#2 the_paige_diaries

Lycie is an Early Years teacher and owner of (@the_paige_diaries) featuring her preschooler Paige and toddler Samuel. Aside from play ideas, she shares plenty of tips on how to get kids engaged, as well as ways to encourage skills like independent play.

Her small world set ups are especially something to admire and gawk at! Most of her #InvitationToPlay activities are also great opportunities for kiddos to practice their fine motor skills, counting, reading; and for them to exercise creativity! 

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#3 activelittles

For active little ones, Tam (@activelittles) shares sensory play, science and craft activities that promises to keep your kids in the same spot for at least enough time to get lunch ready. 

Most of the activity ideas she posts are suitable for preschoolers. But can be easily adapted for even younger kids, or made challenging for older children. Even seasonal/ themed activities such as her Halloween Craft Stick Play & Learn can be improvised to suit our local Malaysian festivities instead.

#4 recycleandplay

It’s usually around the year-end holidays that we, mommas, look at our store room and wonder how the heck did we accumulate so much junk throughout the year. And so it begins: spring cleaning season. 

If you’ve got a bunch of empty boxes, old cardboard and recyclables lying around, why not upcycle them for craft with your kiddos? @recycleandplay has got ideas for oodles and noodles of fun stuff to do with your kids using sh*t you’d like to get rid of. That means we get to kill two birds with one stone! #parentingwin 

#5 littlelifelonglearners

As adults, we often forget that play is the most important work that children can do. To quote Mr Rogers, “play gives a chance for children to practice what they’re learning.” 

Mom of three kids Casey (@littlelifelonglearners) is a self-described play advocate and hopes to help us raise children that are lifelong learners through play! And play begins as soon as your child is born, my friends. 

You can learn about all the things you can do with your babies through Casey. For older littles, she shares tips on how to set up inviting play shelves that would keep children busy, busy, busy. 

What are some tricks we’ve learned from Casey? Invest in quality open-ended toys and do toy rotations! 

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