Mother & Baby Trusted Place For Confinement: Quality Confinement Home & Spa

Mother & Baby Trusted Place For Confinement: Quality Confinement Home & Spa


To many first time mothers, confinement is a big deal as in welcoming a new life into our world. Conventionally people hires confinement lady or do confinement at home, however, with limited helps available at home or from either side of your parents, confinement centres are becoming the first choice of modern mothers especially those live in the city now.

So, when choosing a confinement centre, the things that you need to look at are around these basics: meals, living condition, mobility. Today, we are going to see what Quality Confinement Home & Spa has got to offer for prospective mothers and newborns.


Confinement meals are considered a big stuff for new mothers because we (and the baby) are what we ate. As we lost lots of blood and stamina from childbirth, it is the very period we should recover ourselves from. Therefore, confinement meals and sufficient rest should be given top priority when considering a confinement home. Quality Confinement Home & Spa provides balanced yet nutritious meals that are traditionally prepared for newly delivered mothers with nutritionists’ guidance and confinement lady’s experience. The meals prepared to mothers are made to purge out the “wind” in the body, to promote blood circulation, strengthen the joints and promote milk supply. One of the menu that boost milk production is fish soup boiled with papaya. You will get to drink plenty of water to replenish your body from breastfeeding, so there’re free flow of warm drinks prepared from a mixture of herbs and red dates for your consumption at the centre. Being a milk factory, our body works really hard to produce the golden droplet for our baby. For this reason, we need to take sufficient quantity and quality food for our body to work. You’ll have five meals provided at the Quality Confinement Home &Spa and don’t need to worry about going to sleep with empty stomach.


After delivery of a newborn, you will spend most of the time on resting, nursing baby and eating. Your living environment whether it is relaxing and comfortable should be one of your consideration. Quality Confinement Home & Spa provides various sizes of bed depending on your needs: there are King size bed, Queen size bed and super single bed in room attached with private bathroom. There is a babycot where you can put your baby securely. The centre also welcomes your husband to stay at certain time to encourage father-son bonding too. Spacious living space and friendly confinement ladies, nutritionists, nurses and post-natal massage therapists are the key persons making you to have a relaxed and stress-free confinement period.


As we rest for certain period of time to recover from childbirth, our body indeed requires more exercise to take in oxygen, increase blood circulation in order to remove toxin and enhance physical recovery. Thus post-partum massage comes into place. Sometimes it could be hard for you to find a massage therapist to do massage at home. You either need to call her to your house, or have to fetch her to your house and back. At Quality Confinement Home & Spa, there are experienced postnatal massage therapists who help you to relieve tense muscles, improve blood circulation, eliminate toxin and speed up physical recovery. You will get to experience different kind of mommy spa here such as herbs body scrub, post-natal sauna (bertangas), hot stone (Bertungku), Bersalai and vaginal steam. You can also opt for wearing 30 days of traditional corset or girdle (berbengkung) or Berpilis/param.

At the confinement home you will also be taught how to provide massage for your newborn, which not only improve the mother-child bonding, but the warmth and the touch will also make her feel secure and loved. Infant massage in fact will positively affect infant hormones that control stress, help her relax, reduce crying and sleep easily. Other baby spa includes baby swim and baby flower bath.



Quality Confinement Home & Spa is located in a serene, quiet and guarded environment with CCTV surveillance within the compound. Nursing assistants are also stand by the whole day to assist you and the baby with the 24-hour service buzzer. Other facilities include free wifi and free laundry service for mother’s and baby’s clothes.

One of the very important services that they provide is the pick-up service and assists you to go for review at health clinic or hospital. Since some of the newborns are having jaundice at different level, so bringing your baby out for jaundice test at a daily basis or alternate days could be very exhaustive for both of you. It could take up to 2-3 hours of wait at the government health clinic to get the blood taken and tested, and you’ll need to visit the clinic for more than 2 weeks if it is prolonged baby jaundice. After all, having someone from the centre who could bring you to review is a great relief.

To maintain the residents’ privacy and house hygiene and ensure both mother and child are well rested and protected from potential diseases, visitors are able see the mother and child at certain visiting hours at the common area only. Furthermore, all the rooms and baby cots are sanitised and cleaned before a new mother and baby occupies the room and cot. This practice is particularly important as to maintain the cleanliness of the house and prevent diseases from infecting the residents.


You may choose the 30 days post-natal care room package ranging from RM7,500 for shared room to RM9,500 for private room. If you choose to stay daily (and go home at night) only, there are also daily home visit package ranging from RM1,950 for 7 days up to RM6,999 for 44 days of care.

Based on the reviews posted on the Quality Confinement Home & Spa Fanpage, the customers liked their confinement food package which is very delicious and nutritious, their post-partum massage is very relaxing, comfortable and milk-boosting too. Most importantly, they liked about the friendly staff, good services and stress-free living environment. One of their customer feedback was “This confinement home is very worthy for mother to recover here with good service and professional caregiver.”


Are you still searching for a good confinement centre? Choose Quality Confinement Home and Spa if you think the package is within your budget. I believe their services can meet your entire requirement and make you to have a worthy and worry-free confinement month.

You may contact Quality Confinement Home & Spa at Lorong Raja Udang 10, Kingfisher, Kota Kinabalu, contact number: 010-9005878. You may also drop them an email to .

On a side note, they will be launching their second branch located in Luyang this coming April. Yay!!!

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