Purchasing child safety seats? Here’s some sound advice from Child Passenger Safety Malaysia

By Eve Bandusena | Parents Avenue Staff Writer | Images Courtesy of Child Passenger Safety Malaysia (CPSM)
Child Passenger Seat Malaysia conducting educational classes

A child restraint system is more than what we take it granted for. Death rates and severe injuries for infants can be reduced up to 90% for infants and those pass 12 months for a toddler or young child, can reduce from 50% to 80% with the proper usage of a child safety seat. Inarguably, this means a high probability of your child’s safety is guaranteed during road mishaps and accidents.

In line with the government’s implementation of the child restraint system that went into effect January of this year, parents must find themselves propelled into the world of child restraint systems. It looks deceptively easy, but there are plenty of things to navigate through as the child restraint system is a relatively new and booming industry.

Child Passenger Safety during an educational sharing session

Here are some tips to apply provided by Jchanet in searching for a child restraint system to ensure you’re getting the best.

#1 Don’t be fooled by cheap CRS. They may feel and look like the original but may not have been crash-tested or approved to be used as a piece of safety equipment.

#2 Beware of illegitimate organizations. There are so-called NGOs out there that claim to be certified and even provide training. However, they are retailers and distributors. Their experience is the years in the retail industry. 

#3 Road Safety is about Safety. Information and recommendations are based on research and statistics. It is ever-changing. Get updates from relevant bodies and organizations, not distributors and retailers unless they are truly genuine with updated knowledge on current practice and recommendation, understanding of the current development. 

#4 Child Restraint System is required at least up to 12 years old. If possible until 16 years old. This is because of bone development. It stops growing at 16 years old, ossification is complete only at 21 years old. This is why it’s important to use a safety seat and then booster, to protect their spine. 

#5 Brand and price do not determine its safety aspect. The 3 main criteria; 1) fit your child in terms of age, weight and height, 2) can be installed properly in your car 3) can be used correctly each and every time.

The hardworking team behind Child Passenger Safety Malaysia

Seek out resources and support groups 

“There are many support groups out there. The fully-independent ones, managed by parents and are certified are on Child Passenger Safety Malaysia. We have another group called Child Passenger Safety Malaysia support is Malaysian CarSeat Group. The administration is also our certified technician. The others mostly are managed by retailers themselves and some parents that may or may not be trained or certified.

Any message for Parents Avenue readers?

“No one knows when a crash or accident is going to happen. Using a safety seat is being prepared if it does happen.”


Child Passenger Safety Malaysia is a non-profit, non-government organization that welcomes any support the public and community can offer. Our vision is zero death for children riding unrestraint in a moving vehicle. Join our team as volunteers, share our programs and do your part to make our roads safer. You can even donate to us. #TowardsSaferTravels

At Parents Avenue, we would suggest parents and guardian to visit Little Giuk, a local Sabahan owned mommy and baby shop that sells a large variety of baby car seat. Give them a call at 019-871 3639 or visit their physical store located at  Lot 63, level 1, Block H, Plaza 333, Kobusak Commercial Centre 89500, Lorong Bahagia Phase 2, 88300 Penampang, Sabah. You may find them on social media on Facebook  and Instagram

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