Sabahan Mom The First Women Co-Working Space in Malaysia and Kids Are Welcome!

Got kids but still need to work? Well this may just be the perfect spot for you!


Sabahan Mom currently residing in Kuala Lumpur has recently launched the first women co-working space which aims to provide a supportive and safe environment for women and especially mothers with children. You can say, this co-working space is kid-friendly. Angeline Simone Chin, Founder of HelloHera Hub, located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, is the strong women behind the First Women Co-Working Space in Kuala Lumpur. Mother of one is also the Founder of WonderWomen.Asia,  Malaysia’s First Women Content, Job & E-Learning platform. Guest of Honour, Hannah Yeoh, the Deputy Women, Family and Community Development Minister attended HelloHera Hub launching recently on the 17th January and she said “There will be many mothers who would want to use their skills to work, and at the same time, look after their kids. They would like a working space and not just work from home, this will be an ideal spot,”


I totally agree!


Angeline was raised in Sabah as a child and a little bit in Labuan, studied in Sabah College and pursue her degree in Australia. After graduating, she came back to Kota Kinabalu to work for a bit before she decided to take on a bigger challenge and move to Kuala Lumpur for better opportunities. Then, the rest was history. Happily married to a very supportive husband and blessed with a beautiful daughter who is turning 12 years old this year. Angeline believe that you can still achieve your own personal goals even when you have children to take care of. This is where HelloHera Hub comes to the picture.


We have asked Angeline a few questions for you to better understand about HelloHera Hub. Take a look!


1) What Inspired You To Start HelloHera Hub?

As you know, I founded and managed the, a social portal for women. While we already have an online platform, I thought it’s a natural thing to progress to offline by having a space of our own. And it didn’t really motivate me to rethink about this until I was faced with an experience to leave my daughter out during a meeting at a coworking space in KL. They don’t allow kids to go in so I have to leave my daughter at the lobby. Honestly as a mother I do not like the idea of leaving her behind unattended. So I cut my meeting really short and never go back to that coworkspace. I noticed that most coworkspace doesn’t encourage this as well, so I decided to start one that is child friendly so it gives working mother myself a peace of mind while working. There are also limited space that doesn’t cost arms and legs for women to conduct meetups or activities – so I decided for the space to run as an event space too.


2) How Long Did It Take You To Materialise This Idea To Reality?

It took me about 2 years to think about it and work on the plan.


3) Who Is Your Biggest Supporter During This Start-Up

Family of course!


4) What Was Your Biggest Challenge Setting This Up?

Managing the scepticism that coming up with a space for women is useless.


5) What Is The Main Objective of HelloHera Hub?

To provide a safe, conducive place for Women to come to work and organize activities. We want the hub to inspire collaboration and growth amongst women.


6) What Do You Think Other States and Country Can Learn From Your Approach?

The concept is not new in the world. Other countries in the US, Australia, Singapore have proven the concept and they are still around. One similar coworkspace in the US had just secured funding from VC to expand. By kickstarting this in our country and being validated as the first gives me hope to front and drive this, and hopefully more corporates will take notice of this enough to prompt them to explore and support/collaborate with us to open more of similar concept in the near future.


7) Your Message To Women Who Are Dreaming To Be An Entrepreneur, But Just Not Brave Enough To Do So. 

When you dream of something big – it is natural to have fear that you may not “make” it. But turn that thoughts around, what if you can? Start small first and work from there. Remember baby steps. Even if you fail at least you can retrace your steps and improve what you didn’t do right. Not everyone is born to be an entrepreneur. It is okay even if you are a successful corporate person. But if you do want to be an entrepreneur, you will need to be prepared mentally and emotionally. Be humble to learn from others and always keep your mind open to possibilities.


That’s so amazing Angeline!!! I don’t know about you, but when I first started Parents Avenue, how I wished we had an all women only co-working space here in Kota Kinabalu. Would have been amazing to work in such environment. Perhaps now someone has an idea to start one? If you yes, do count me in! I believe many mothers in Sabah would truly need such supportive and safe co-working space.


You rock Angeline! Keep it up! Sabah is proud of you!



Written by Stella Matilda, Mother of Two, Editor & Founder of Parents Avenue

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