Should Parents Say Sorry To Their Children? Here’s 5 Reasons Why You Should

Children learn from their parents action and the best way to teach them is to set a good example such as apologizing. Parents do make mistakes but should they always apologize to their children? A news outlet started a discussion on weather parents should say sorry and some people shared their rather controversial opinion about it. Here’s some screen shot from those who reply to the news outlet:


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According to experts, it is important that parents apologize to their children. Even the best parents say “sorry” to their little ones.


Here are 5 reasons why parents should say sorry.


1. Saying Sorry Creates A Positive Role Model In The Family
To admit you did something wrong can be hard, but it’s the right thing to do. Being able to say “I’m sorry” shows that you are brave enough to own up your mistakes, and it should not be seen as a weakness. As much as I wish I have patience of a saint, that ain’t happening. So it’s quite normal that I lose my cool. However, apologizing to my children help set a valuable life skill. When they see that we are sorry and we apologize to them, they will see it as part of life and will do the same when they make a mistake.

2. Saying Sorry Promotes Mutual Respect
We want to raise respectful and polite children, but demanding respect from our children without showing respect to them in return teaches them the wrong lesson. Children are surprisingly very forgiving. They are more likely to say sorry to their mom and dad when a foundation of mutual love and respect is in place. By offering an apology to your child, it shows that you respect their feeling and this creates a boomerang back at you.

3. Saying Sorry Does Not Mean You Lose Your Authority
Sometimes we may ended up saying sorry when it’s not even our fault. For example “I’m sorry sweetheart, but we don’t hit your baby brother in the face with LEGOs.” Which is completely alright. While some parents are more straightforward to say “Don’t hit your brother with the LEGOs!” This is alright too. As long as you say “I’m sorry” when it’s applicable. Your child will still know who’s the boss.

4. Saying Sorry is Nurturing
It helps create and strengthen the bond with your children and allow good behaviour to flow naturally. Sometimes after a long day at work, we parents do lose our cool for no reason and maybe even raised our voice accidentally and regretted it. Take a few deep breaths, get yourself together and apologize. By extending a sincere apology, it reminds our children that we care about their feeling and to protect the bonds we have with our children.

5. Saying Sorry Makes Everything Better and Right Again
Unless your kids broke your phone, even that – it can be replaced. But nothing can replace time and effort to raise our children the right way. Saying sorry will give children the power to heal and know that they are still loved. After apologizing, everything is better and right again. Parenting is the hardest thing I have ever imagined, but – it’s worth it. I learn apologizing to my children make me a better mother. Their happiness is important. A happy child is a happy mom.


Written by Stella Matilda, Mother of Two, Editor/Founder of Parents Avenue

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