For Entrepreneurs! Startup Weekend Labuan 28-30 June Powered by Google Techstars

By Eve Bandusena | Editorial Assistant

On the 28th to 30th June 2019, Google’s Techstars Startup Weekend will be taking place in Labuan! This Startup Weekend is designed to promote and share pragmatic, experiential education for technical and non-technical entrepreneurs to launch their startup businesses. Read more below:

Within 54 hours, the participants of the startup will find themselves in a stimulating, innovative and creative environment along with our passionate, experienced coaches and speakers such as Fadzrul Dullie (Founder/Managing Director of PingChat App and TamuKu App), Ani Mohd Ridzuan (Founder/Entrepreneur from Nuvis), Viviantie Sarjuni (Program Manager from MaGIC), Ernie Zainie (Corporate Strategist & Lead Coordinator for Innovation from Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd), Mohd Safuan Ahmad (Account Manager for GAP from MaGIC), Stella Matilda (Founder/Editor of Parents Avenue), Irwin Mohamad Daud Ker (Head Socio-Cultural and Education from BIMP-EAGA Business Council (BEB) Labuan and Kar Sin Ng (Program Manager from MaGIC) as a judge for the 60 second pitch. 

As a part of our program, participants will: 

•    Get to know new friends they’ll be forming a team with
•    Brainstorm and conceptualize their product
•    Design their product to the best of your team’s ability
•    Present their business idea before our panel of professional judges

All teams will receive constructive and valuable feedback and talks from our coaches and speakers. So, keep in mind! If you’re searching for a feedback for an idea, a co-founder, a specific skill set or looking for ways to help you execute your idea, Techstars Startup Weekends is made just for you!

You’re maybe still wondering why is Techstars Startup Weekend important? Well, Google’s Techstars Startup Weekend is here to provide you a productive weekend to expand your network and further your learning opportunities. 

It’s our intent to:

•    Connect you to great people (ones that you can see kick-starting your company with)
•    Build a rapport with the coaches 
•    Learn lessons from your fellow peers

This event is tailor-designed to be a collaborative effort, pushed by mutual learning, building and having fun! 

These are invaluable lessons that no book, speaker or blog post can teach you. This can be demonstrated through the three-day weekend itinerary. The first day includes meeting, teaming up and pitching to your group. Whether it’s your idea or someone else’s, you’ll create a cross-functional team to work with over the weekend. 

The second day includes learning and working with local coaches that will mentor you through challenges and lastly, is to present and choose. This is the culmination of the weekend where you will be given 5 minutes to present the product or service to our panel of coaches and lastly, don’t forget to celebrate all the work you’ve done. 

Remember, the only way to learn is through the experiencing of trying.

Startup Weekend in Dublin, Ireland. Image from Techstars

Google’s Techstars Startup Weekend is for anyone that has a great interest in entrepreneurship. Most of the attendees of this event have backgrounds that comprise of 50% of developers, coders and designers while another 50% is business which includes those who are in line with marketing, finance and law. 

You could be a serial entrepreneur, or, you can be new in the world of startups, and it wouldn’t matter! All that matters is if you’re motivated to construct a product or a startup, and are open to fresh, new ideas. You’ll definitely fit right in. 

For those interested in joining, two things: Firstly, do some research. Carrying out market research will be able to give you a better awareness and understanding of the problem you’re trying to fix. Secondly, rehearse your pitch! 

With only 60 seconds, you need to make it clear, concise and convincing! 

And lastly, familiarize yourself with the weekend. For those who are hesitant about your idea being taken without permission, you can limit your pitch to the rough outline of the idea without providing any key information about your product and, to be honest it’s probably something you shouldn’t be worried about. 

There’s a probability that the ideas at Google’s Techstars Startup Weekend have been pitched many, many times in the past. What truly matters is how well your team complete and execute the idea.


Participants of Google’s Techstars Startup Weekend will not leave empty-handed! A range of gifts will be available to you to begin your startup business endeavors!
This is what you will get as Startup Weekend Labuan Participant:

•    $3000 Google Cloud Credits sponsored by Google
•    One Year Free Domain sponsored by .Co
•    Meals provided through event
•    T-shirts, Certificates, Goodies, Networking 

With such great opportunities, you must sign up! This event is open to Malaysians aged 18 and above. At the moment, the standard rate is RM80 and is opened only to 60 people! 

How to register? Simply fill up your registration form with them via google forms here:


For more information and resources, please visit Startup Weekend Labuan on Facebook or familiarize yourself with Google’s Techstars Startup Weekend. 


The exact venue in Labuan will be revealed by the organizer very soon. 

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