TAMUKU: Bridging Malaysian Artisans To The World

Written by Eve Bandusena | Parent Avenue’s Editorial Assistant

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 What is TAMUKU?
Introducing TAMUKU, a marketplace app whose focal point is the sale of unique and creative products such as artisanal goods, handicraft items and more. Being an online platform, it’s convenient for people around the world to connect, create, sell and purchase niche items, whether it’s handcrafted or homemade items to cherished vintage gems! It’s got everything in between and more. 
TAMUKU, founded by Fadzrul Dullie, is where creative entrepreneurs engage in their pursuits by selling their products in both local and global markets.  Aside from that, one of the objectives of TAMUKU is for consumers to not only discover these products but cultivate a meaningful relationship with the people who create and sell the items. 
Who is it intended for?

TAMUKU is intended for sellers to build a relevant and purposeful space where they can turn their passion into opportunity. In this app, sellers can open a store and display their items for free without any listing fees. For the buyers, a wide range of products with numerous categories will be available to them such as accessories, art & collectibles, bath & beauty, handicrafts, paper & party supplies. TAMUKU also goes the distance with a special discover section which covers tourists and travellers. This useful section contains information this group needs to make their visit to their destination hassle-free as local maps with popular points of interest, things to do, places to eat and more are provided.
Where did the inspiration come from?
According to Fadzrul Dullie, the inspiration which sparked the creation of TAMUKU is the common mission to keep human connection at the very heart of commerce. “That’s why we built a place where creativity lives and thrives because it’s powered by people. We help our community of sellers turn their ideas into successful businesses,” he remarked. Operating under this ethos, the platform connects the sellers with millions of interested buyers who are searching for something with a human touch, for those moments in life that float with imagination.


“We want to assist locals to promote their goods. In Sabah, we lack a marketplace where locals can feel at ease instead of being drowned in larger marketplaces. There is presently no niche marketplace that serves our creative and local wares. Asia is home to the most creative, artistic and unique goods. We make great products. However, we’re lacking a place where we can promote these goods.” Founder, Fadzrul Dullie

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An app with a marketing solution

With the presence of TAMUKU, it is with the hope that it will be a solution to problems faced by local entrepreneurs such as having no niche market and lacking a platform to promote local products. “We aren’t just organized enough to create a marketplace to house it all. Hence, with TAMUKU we aim to help all these creative entrepreneurs achieve their passion.”

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Plans for TAMUKU in the next five years
With high ambitions, TAMUKU is aiming to be Asia’s premier market place within the next 5 years where people can sell, connect and purchase exceptional products. With this, the team at TAMUKU strives to be the first marketplace in Malaysia that offers artisanal and homemade products with 
on-demand services as well!
How to get started!
Lastly, for those who are ready to turn their dreams into reality, great news! Joining and starting a shop in TAMUKU is easy and free. There are no listing, transaction, or payment processing fees! Say what? To get started, all you need to do is register an account on TAMUKU. After successfully signing up, a user can start selling and, or buying in just a few screen taps! TAMUKU is easily downloadable on Google Play Store and will soon be available on the Apple Store in the nearest future. In addition to that, it’s accessible to people worldwide!
For more detailed information on TAMUKU and how to use its features, please visit www.tamuku.app.


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