THAT’S CLEVER: to help make life easier with kids

THAT’S CLEVER: to help make life easier with kids



A newly designed travel-friendly carry-on bag that doubles as luggage and a stroller. Storing all your baby’s milk, food, toys, diaper and clothes for traveling becomes alot more easier and more organised this way. The larger bottom compartment opens up like a normal suitcase while the top compartment unzips to reveal an easy-to-use, pop-out seat that turns the entire bag into a stroller. Features a USB char- ger port as well, so you can charge your ipad or phone to entertain your little ones!

Price from $300




DoonaTM Infant Car Seat. It’s a stroller too.
A car seat that transform into a stroller is what every parents need. Doona is the world’s first
infant car seat with complete and fully integrated mobility solution. Designed to provide
us a safe and practical mobility solution for our baby, both in and outside of the car. Fea- tures a 5-point harness, easy to fold and unfold, adjustable handlebar that also acts as an
anti-rebound bar inside the car, one-touch brake, removable and washable fabric, fits from
newborn to 16kg, certified for air travel thus making traveling through the airport easier
than ever!
Price from RM 2,299




Kids meal time is always a messy one. The Gyro Bow lis designed to help you gain some control at meal time. The spill-proof bowl comes with a 360 degree spinner, its virtually inde- structible. When ordinary bowls hit the floor, food splatter and makes a giant mess. With Gyro Bowl, you can expect to clean up a little less with its 360 de- gree spinner allows its to spin freely when it falls out of grip. Made with BPA-free plastic and dishwash- er safe. How this bowl works is quite impressive.
Price from RM19





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