The Important Role of Dad

The Important Role of Dad

Any men can father a child, but there is so much more than that, which is the important role a real dad can positively contribute towards their child’s life.

Studies have shown that if your child’s father is involved, supportive and affectionate toward the children, he can contribute significantly to your child’s social development, cognitive, language and even academic achievement.

No one else can replicate the contribution of a father in the job of parenting a child. Here are some ways of how father’s involvement makes a positive different in a child’s life.

1. Fathers Parent Differently
According to a “Fathering” expert Dr. Kyle Pruett, fathers have a distinct style of communication and interaction with their children. By eight weeks of age, the infant can tell the difference between their mother’s and father’s interaction with them.

The child will have a broader, richer experience of contrasting relationship interaction through this diversity. We may not realise it, but children learn by a sheer experience, that women and men are different and even have different ways of dealing and solving problems. This understanding is critical for their development.

2. Fathers Build Confidence
Go to any playground and just try to listen to other parents around you. Who do you think is the one encouraging the kids to swing or climb just a little higher, throw a little harder, or cycle a little faster? Mothers instinct is to always protect while dads encourage the kids to push to the limits.

Both roles are equally important and without another, one may tend towards encouraging risk without consider the consequences. The other who avoid risk, will fail to build independence and confidence. But together, the child will be safe while exploring their experiences and increasing their confidence.

3. Fathers Play Differently
Fathers love to tickle their children; they wrestle and even throw their children in the air while mom shouts out loud “Not so high!!!”. Fathers chase their children and sometimes play scary “monsters” while mom mostly just want to keep the house clean.

4. Fathers Discipline Differently
Mothers are naturally loving, sympathetic, caring and helpful towards their children, while Fathers are more of a righteousness, justice and responsibility kind of parent. Fathers tend to enforce rules systematically and sternly to teach children the consequences of right and wrong. While Mothers tend to lead with sympathy and grace with sense of hopefulness. Both of these disciplinary styles is important as it creates a healthy and proper balance.

5. Fathers Provide An Outlook At The World Of Men
Women and Men are very different. Not only we dress and eat differently, but we cope with life differently too. Children who grow up with their father will be familiar and secure about the world of men. Girls with involved fathers in the family are more likely to have healthier relationships with boys as they learn from their fathers how proper men act towards women. They understand which behaviours are inappropriate. While boys who grow up with involved father will be less likely to be violent. They learn from their fathers how to channel their masculinity and strength in a positive manner. Involved fathers, biological or not, proven to bring positive benefits to their children that no other person is likely to bring.


And to that, I wish to share some beautiful pictures of  Involved Dads in Sabah collected from our readers. Thank you for being such a wonderful dad! Scroll down to see pictures >>>


Caption : walk with me, daddy
Name : Audrey Chung
Husband name : Jacky Chong
Child name : Hayden Christensen Chong


“Papa is always her ‘shoulder to sleep on”
Name: Nelly Ripi Charle
Husband: Adrian J Sindin
Child: Briana Adrian Sindin

Photo caption: The most hardworking and best dad in the world.
Mother’s name: Lim Siew Fong
Father’s name: Francis Sebastian Tabrett
Daughter’s name: Cleopatra Abigail Tabrett

Photo caption : Please burp me well, daddy!
Daddy name : Sam Chin
Mummy name : Amelia Jack
Baby name : Eli Chin

Caption: I’m gonna be your judge for your cooks,daddy
Husband’s name: Adrian
Son’s name: Zachary


Caption: Daddy is our best friends
My name : Enid Tang.
Husband name :Dale Ooi
Child name: Ooi Jolie 8yo , Ooi Jolin 7yo  and Ooi Zi Hao 1.6 yo.


Caption: It’s more than helping help, when our son Aldrin Ryan admitted (due high fever and seizure) to Hospital Kent in,Sandakan, my husband drove from Tamparuli to Sandakan (yes we are in PJJ relationship) to take care of him. I was very sick and could not get up from bed that time.

Dad – Az Jannifer
Son – Aldrin Ryan
Mom – Flora Geduin

Caption: Boy, let daddy carry you while your mom busy makeup-ing for the dinner. You will know women when u grow up.
Mom: Goh Eng Fong
Here’s a photo of my husband and our kids! Caption: Swimming with dad is always fun! Mom spend more time in baby pool only and no slides lol. Dad: James Molony Child: Samantha and Noah


If you wish to share your “Involved Dad in Sabah” images, please do email them to me at [email protected] .We will continue to add more pictures to this post and maybe make a slide show of it for a Father’s Day Celebration in June! Email with the titled “Involved Dad in Sabah”, Dad’s Name, Mom’s Name, Kid’s/Child’s Name and a short photo caption to go along with your photo. Thank you!
Written by Stella Matilda, Editor/Founder of Parents Avenue

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