Thoughtful & One-of-a-kind Gifts for Moms

Thoughtful and One-of-a-kind Gifts for Moms

Pregnant mothers deserve the best as they bring precious life to this world. It’s already difficult for a pregnant mother to go to the shops with a baby bump growing bigger and heavier each day. Not to mentioned, that swollen legs do make things a lot slower too.

Now, you are probably wondering what you should get for your wife when the baby arrives (besides flowers of course, you silly!), or your friend who will be embarking into this beautiful motherhood journey. Well, we at Parents Avenue have just the perfect solution to that and the answer is Wiggle Boks.

What is Wiggle Boks?
Wiggle Boks is a brand new subscription box service. They curate and mail high quality mystery boxes for parents and their little ones, giving tired parents a welcome supply drop. Wiggle boks can deliver once a month or just on special occasions, and come jam packed with 5-6 full sized items specially chosen for the baby’s age and gender as well as high end samples to help parents discover new premium brands.



What Subscription Plans Does Wiggle Boks Offer?

  1. The month-to-month plan (RM 128 a month), this plan lets you pay monthly with no long term commitments, allowing you access to the dizzying array of products available, perfect for parents trying to find which brand and style best suits their child.
  2. The prepaid 6 month plan (RM 728), requires a longer commitment but delivers a nice saving on the monthly plan.
  3. The prepaid 12 month plan (RM 1,380) offers and even better discount along with additional choice in the what you get delivered every month. In this package upto 4 items can be preselected leaving the team at Wiggle Box 1-2 items to surprise you with!


Get The Perfect Gift For That Someone Special

The One-Off Gift Plan (RM128) is the perfect way to surprise your wife, sister, friend or relative. The team will work with you to obtain every detail about the baby and create a gift box sure to delight. With free worldwide shipping on every order, this offer is a hard to beat way to welcome a new addition to any family, no matter where they are!


What’s In My Wiggle Boks?

You can expect surprises such as oral care products, feeding bottles, soap & shampoo, wet wipes and much more. In your Boks will include between 5 to 6 full sized items, deluxe sized samples and vouchers for when you shop at the store or online.



How To Subscribe?
Go to:



The custom box plan offers and even greater level of customisation, allowing you to be part of the curation progress, simply email [email protected] to find out more about this package.


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