"To all mommies who are thinking to plan a baby, just book yours today because you will enjoy your confinement!"

By Eve Bandusena | Parents Avenue Staff Writer | Images Courtesy of Freepik

I’m Sheila Jinois, a mother of 5 children, and since I knew that I was pregnant by early April last year. Here’s my experience with Quality Confinement Home & Spa’s Luyang Branch.

On checking in

I checked in on 14th December 2019 at 4.00 pm. From the first time I entered that place, the staff greeted me lovingly. They treated me nice and as though we knew each for a long time, after that they showed me my room. They also asked me some questions about my birth history. The staff nurse, Cherryl, entertained me and started to question me and the best part is when she brings me tea break which is a rather delicious toasted bread and oat drink. 

On staff service

If I wrote a full story about my experience, I might need ten pages, but I will make it short! I’m very happy with the environment of the confinement home. The nurses and staff treated me and my baby like a queen and king. They took good care of me and my baby. They are very loving, caring and friendly as well. I don’t feel lonely over there, I felt like home and they are like my family.

On Food

About the food, “it’s the most delicious and healthy food I ever ate. In one day, I have five meals including breakfast, lunch, tea break, dinner, and supper. I must have gained three kilograms! The food is healthy and it’s good for my confinement and suitable for all confinement mothers to gain back their energy during birth. I’m so glad I found a great place like this. 

You don’t need to worry about the food because they will serve you with your choice. If you are vegetarian, they will prepare a portion of special food for you. I’ll be waiting for the food that they will serve me especially, the chicken mushroom with soya sauce, the soup, the steamed fish with ginger, and many more. I have no regrets and I felt this experience has been worth it. Since I posted my experience on Facebook, many of my friends’ message me to know more about the place. 

Last message to all mommies out there!

So, to all mommies who are thinking to plan a baby, just book yours today because you will enjoy your confinement.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. At Parents Avenue, we strongly recommend all our readers to seek medical advise from your local hospital or clinic. Thank you. 

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