Why Hoola Bangle Is About To Be Your Best Friend!

Written by Eve Bandusena | Parents Avenue’s Editorial Assistant

Image Source: Hoola Bangle

Parents Avenue is delighted to welcome back Norfaranina Zaki, the founder of Little Penyu and Little Penyu Essentials! This time, she’s here to introduce Hoola Bangle, her latest addition to her line of products beloved by Sabahan moms everywhere! Join us to find out more about how the Hoola Bangle will change the definition of “convenience” for parents forever!

What is Hoola Bangle? 

“In essence, Hoola Bangle is a fashionable keyholder that is made from 100% food-grade silicone material. It is flexible, and the material is incredibly durable making it last long,” Fara starts at the top, “For the standard design, we have eight colors that you can match with your outfit of the day and for the newly launched petite size!” She beams.

“We also recently launched four new colors to fit those with smaller hands.” She happily announced. This smart move was done to cater to customers with smaller frames.

The inspiration for Hoola Bangle was born out of a stroke of necessity and practicality that Fara felt she, and so many other parents like her was missing. 

She shares that, as a mother of two young active children, she would often find herself struggling in situations especially where she’s carrying an armful of grocery bags in one hand, and holding on to her active child in another and on top of that, trying to locate her car or house keys at the bottom of her handbag or pocket. 

There were even days where there were no pockets in her bag or pants to hold her keys. This made things got even trickier. 

“Time was wasted, stress increased and sometimes the safety of my child was compromised as I had to let go of their hands to find the keys,” and thus, Hoola Bangle was born. “So I thought, if only there was a way for a busy multitasking mother to have an “extra hand” when out and about. And this is where the idea for Hoola Bangle came about.”

So, how does Hoola Bangle work?

“Easy! All you have to do is hang your keys, slip it over your wrist and that’s it! It will help to serve you as an extra hand especially when you are carrying heavy items with you or while you are holding on to something more important, like your phone, your child, your coffee,” she remarks.

Besides the convenience of readily having your car keys or house keys, Hoola Bangle has other key benefits from saving your time to avoiding unwanted accidents with your child.

“When it is on your wrist, not only do you save a minute or two of your precious time from searching for your keys, you become less stressed, and you could reduce the dangerous risk especially when you are carrying your baby in one hand, grocery bags on the other and searching for your keys in your bag at a parking lot.”

And, she also adds that even though it’s in your bag, it’s easily recognizable due to its silicone texture and makes the process of finding your keys easier as you don’t have to peer into your bag.

Other than that, Hoola Bangle is a multipurpose gift that keeps on giving. Besides holding car and house keys, it has the capacity of holding other items that you wish to keep at hand.

“Other than hanging keys, you can also hang other essentials, such as mini wallet, a phone holder, little gadgets, hand sanitizer, whatever a keyring can hold,” she continues “it’s perfect for running quick errands on days when you don’t want to bring a big bag around or when you don’t have a pocket.” 

On “100% food-grade silicone” means
Proudly displayed as “100% food-grade silicone” we ask Fara what does this mean for Hoola Bangle and why she decided to use this material.
“Food grade silicone is a non-toxic type of silicone that doesn’t contain any chemical fillers or by-products. You will find this material often for baby teething toys or kitchen accessories like food grade silicone baking dish, cooking utensils and more. It is odorless and contains no BPA, latex, lead, or phthalates.”
Being a Sabahan mom and running a company dealing with babies and baby products, Fara prioritizes safe and-non toxic products for her customers and their little ones.
“I decided to start with food-grade silicone material as our basic design because it is flexible, soft and comfortable on the wrist, easy to clean and incredibly durable, making it last longer. Not only it is value for money, but it is also friendlier to the environment instead of the shortsighted, use-once-and throwaway product.”
 How Hoola Bangle Became A Big Hit With Sabahan Moms
“Most of my customers said when they first saw Hoola Bangle, they didn’t feel there is a need for it, it’s big and might not be so important. Until after they decided to give it a try, it became that one thing they cannot leave home without. It’s simple, convenient, practical, functional accessories every busy multitasking mom should have.” Fara smiles. 
Being new in the market, Fara admits that Hoola Bangle is still a work in progress when it comes to creating more awareness about it. However, she happily notes that the generosity of Sabahan moms in terms of giving and sharing Hoola Bangle as a gift with friends and families.
“What I love about Sabahan moms is that when they purchased one, and they love how simple, practical and functional Hoola Bangle is, they would buy more for their friends and family. Being a functional accessory. We also received bulk orders for a private event’s door gift because they find Hoola Bangle is something different to be given away as a practical gift.”
Image Source: Hoola Bangle
Hoola Bangle’s collaboration with Changgih Designs
Through an exciting collaboration with Changgih Designs and Hoola Bangle, Hoola X Changgih mini wallet was born. 
“To produce this mini wallet, I approached Changgih Designs team since last year and we’d been going back and forth on how our first collaboration should be in terms of how it should look like,” she said, all with one objective, which is to give our customer, the convenience of hands free experience with Hoola X Changgih combo!”
Through social enterprise, both founders of Changgih, Bethany and Joanna Moss along with the design team and the head artisan, training was conducted on new artisans to produce these pieces. Unlike factory produce, this mini wallet is handmade with love and with high standards in and quality set by the whole Changgih Design team.
“I love their fabric and I love the result of this collaboration.” Fara beams.
And, Fara doesn’t stop there! With her entrepreneurial and business savvy wits, she has future projects and collaborations with Hoola Bangle lined up!
“Currently, we are actively working to expand our business through collaborations with other entrepreneurs, designers, product makers who can create any add on accessories that can be attached to the Hoola Bangle, such as mini wallet, phone holder, gadgets, travel accessories, cosmetics, perfume, safety accessories and many more.” She shares.
Any last messages for the readers of Parents Avenue?
“To all Parents Avenue Readers, if you are busy multitasking ladies and moms, and you find your self always losing your keys in your bottomless pit of a bag, do yourself a favor and get Hoola Bangle! And while you’re at it, don’t forget to spread the love to other fellow lady and mummy friends too. If you already own a Hoola Bangle, Thank you for supporting and making us your extra hand.”


 Hoola Bangle can be purchased at www.hoolabangle.com, Little Penyu Baby Spa in Metrotown, Avanus ITCC.
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