Why Sabahan Mothers Prefer Little Penyu Essential

Why Sabahan Mothers Prefer Little Penyu Essential

“Is this product safe for my baby?”

This is a question no doubt many mothers have asked before and will continue asking for products marketed for infants, children and toddlers.


In recent years with news portals front page peppered with news of asbestos contaminated baby powder, negatives effects of petroleum jelly based products, allergies and the general distrusts in commercial products it is not surprising that many parents seek natural, gentle alternatives when purchasing baby products for their precious little jewel.

Fortunately Sabahans are lucky in this regard, as they have available locally, a very promising product that is safe, gentle and natural. Mothers in Sabah swear by this product as the positive reviews throughout is a testament to their commitment to provide an alternative product to parents. Manufactured locally, with a heartwarming backstory and the drive of a mother wanting the best for her children, Little Penyu Essentials is now the preferred alternative product for vapor rubs and boo-boo cream among many Sabahan mothers.

Little Penyu Essential is founded by a mother of 2, Norfaranina Zaki, she is the CEO of LP Group Sdn. Bhd. and she is also a certified IAIM Infant Massage Instructor. The name Little Penyu Essentials originates from her successful Little Penyu Baby Swim Spa, which is the first baby swim spa in East Malaysia. It is a facility utilizing water therapy concept where babies can float and swim in a safe and supervised water environment which helps encourage brain development, motor movement and strength even before a baby starts crawling. The spa, located in Metrotown, Kolombong also offers additional services such as Kids Spa for children aged 4 to 12 years old. They also hold IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage) infant massage classes for parents to learn baby soothing massages and be encouraged to be hands on throughout the process as an opportunity to nurture closer bonds with their child. They also have an open door policy welcoming all breastfeeding mothers to the spa for to breastfeed their baby.



Little Penyu Essentials with their 3 main products under the Little Penyu Essential brand have captured the hearts and love of Mothers wanting the best products for their children. Formulated from high quality all natural ingredients and manufactured in a certified facility with stringent quality control they have introduced to the market their Little Penyu Infant Natural Vapor Rub, Junior Natural Vapor Rub and Boo-Boo! Balm.

What makes their product special is in their formulation of ingredients which are specially designed to be child safe and friendly. Conventional vapor rubs and other similar commercial products typically have Eucalyptus Oil, Peppermint Oil and Menthol as their primary active ingredients. However, these ingredients might not be suitable for infants or children as it may have too strong of an effect causing burning/cold sensation and discomfort as infant skin is much more sensitive and fragile compared to adults.


Gently rubbing on my son’s chest with Little Penyu Essential Infant Vapor rub baby in England. Its pretty cold there!


Recommended to rub under feet as well to prevent from cold.


Little Penyu Essential Vapor Rubs are formulated with gentle Fragonia and Rosalina Essential Oil, which is known as a kid friendly version of Eucalyptus Oil. Another unique selling point of Little Penyu Essential Vapor Rubs is that they are petrolatum (petroleum jelly) free and menthol free, which means a less messy and more pleasant feel to the skin without sacrificing the nose congestion busting abilities which plagues almost ALL parents during flu or cough season. Both Infant and Junior series of the vapor rub are similar except for an additional ingredient – Fir Needle Essential oil in the Junior version of the vapor rub, which gives additional fighting power against sore throat and respiratory infections for the more active 4-12-year-old. Fir Needle Essential Oil is also used to fight fatigue and muscle ache, very useful to rejuvenate an active child.

Insect bites, scrapes, cuts – these are things that every parent wish their baby didn’t have to go through but like many things in the natural world, some things are unavoidable. Alas, such is the life of babies, toddlers and children. Running around (or crawling) without a care in the world while parents try their utmost to keep them from harm. Parents know the inevitability of their child having the occasional bruise, scrapes, cuts from all their playing, crawling and tumbling about in the outdoors (even at home) and the pesky mosquito bites, ant bites etc.


Founder herself featured on TV to talk about Little Penyu Essential.


Norfaranina is seen here explaining about Little Penyu Essential to Jennifer Lasimbang, Assistant Ministry of Education & Innovation in a local exhibition.


How wonderful that Little Penyu Essentials coincidentally also formulates their own special infant and child safe Boo-Boo! Balm for all the scrapes, cuts and insect bites your precious one might unfortunately go through in their rough and tumbling plays while growing up. LP Essential Boo-Boo! Balm is a nourishing topical application ideal for a range of stressful skin conditions. It is formulated with premium Helichrysum essential oil. Helichrysum essential oil is a very good herbal oil which has a cool soothing feel and renowned healing effects when applied to the skin. It is extracted from Helichrysum flowers growing natively in the Mediterranean region.

This essential oil contains component ingredients that fights germs on the skin and hydrate the skin to stay smooth and soft. It will prevent skin infections with regular use. Helichrysum Essential oil is also commonly used to clear skin spots, rashes from sweat, blemishes and other skin infections. It will treat pimples, acne, eczema, etc and fade every kind of stretch mark away and leave the skin naturally clean. Basically, good for the kids and Mommy! Additionally, Helichrysum Essential Oil used in LP Essential Boo-Boo! Balm when applied to exposed areas of the body can help reduce the risk of infections in form of bacteria and fungi. All these goes to show that the ingredients placed into the product is well thought out for the well being of the child and parents as well.


A happy mom traveled to Switzerland bringing a tub of Little Penyu Essential for her baby.


Happy faces with Little Penyu Essential.


Like all other products on the planet, a product is only as good as the customer perceives it and fret not as LP essentials have no lack of glowing positive reviews and feedback by satisfied parents who by now would swear by the products by Little Penyu Essentials.

“Love it to bits! You know, ever since I got into EO I’ve been extra careful with eucalyptus oil and other oils yang sewaktu dengannya especially on babies. So LP vapor rub is just perfect!”
– Marilyn Mae Pain

“I love your Boo-Boo! Balm. I put on Evan’s mild scratches he got on his arm from playing hand fan and it went off after a day!”
– Jade Cheah

“This vapor rub did wonder to my two ‘cucu’. Actually, from Monday dah start asthma and brought to JMC and medication was given. By Thursday, it got worsen and nak bawa ke emergency but I told my daughter in law to try this vapor rub and it really ease their breathing”
– Anonymous testimony

It is a parent’s primary responsibility and on-going concern to be able to provide the best of anything for their young ones. However, due to many unclear situations, multitude of choices forced on parents and downright misinformation and dishonesty of marketers and large corporations. It can be increasingly difficult to identify what is “best” of any product. Fortunately, though, at the very least for the parents in Sabah and Malaysia selecting the best Vapor Rub and Boo-Boo! Balm will no longer be a topic of debate, but rather a straight up recommendation for Little Penyu Essentials’s Vapor Rub.

For more information about Little Penyu Essential, kindly visit their website at www.lpessential.com



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