Yolanda Talks About The Cecchetti Syllabus And Why Her Dance Studio's Year End Dance Is A Must See Concert

Written by Eve Bandusena | Parents Avenue’s Editorial Assistant | Photos Courtesy of Yolanda Dance Studio

Join us as we chat with Yolanda Chong of Yolanda Dance Studio about her preferred method of teaching “The Cecchetti Syllabus” on how it provides the best ballet education for your child and the anticipated Year-End Ballet Gala that she believes is a must see spectacle!
Getting to know Yolanda of Yolanda Dance Studio

We at Parents Avenue have the pleasure of sitting down with Yolanda Chong, founder and instructor at Yolanda Dance Studio.

Yolanda Chong has an impressive educational background as seen through her prior training.

She embarked on her educational training at The Conservatoire in Perth, Western Australia Cecchetti and Royal Academy of Dance for professional training and coaching and later pursued the same course of training at Xiamen China School of Art.

Following her training, she created Yolanda Dance Studio which opened their doors to the public in 2016.

For her, it was always a personal aspiration to run her studio and it was a heartfelt family affair as her late father gave her the strength and support to persist with this dream.

Presently, the studio offers an array of ballet classes suitable for young children to adults.

“We have kiddo ballet, young adult and adult ballet, adult limber and stretch, adult body technique, progressing ballet technique and last but not least, the Cecchetti Ballet Australia syllabus,” She excitedly shares.

Why Cecchetti Ballet is her preferred syllabus choice

Ballet dance syllabus differs from studio to studio and is as different as the dance instructors that are in charge and are an important aspect to consider.

At her dance studio, Yolanda prefers and implements the Cecchetti method. “Cecchetti Ballet Australia has been training ballet teachers and students since 1934,” Yolanda imparts, “it also has a proud heritage which is directly linked to the classical ballet of 19th century Europe.” She explains.

“The man behind The Cecchetti Ballet Australia is Enrico Cecchetti,” she relays, “he’s responsible for contributing significantly to the development and strength of Russian ballet who was a virtuoso dancer, a world-acclaimed teacher, and an innovator ahead of his time.”

Today, Cecchetti Ballet remains an innovator in Australian dance education. It is an energetic organization truly dedicated to the art of ballet.

“The objective of Cecchetti Ballet Australia is to provide teachers and students the best ballet education,” she mentions, “for me, this largely inspires me to achieve my fullest potential as a ballet dancer and teacher and in turn, this helps me foster a love and enjoyment for dance for my students.”

With Cecchetti Ballet Australia, parents can be assured that their children are getting the best out of their ballet education.

“The route to this is achieved as they maintain and expect high standards in the professional development from me, as a teacher and it includes syllabi that’s relevant to the needs of today’s children,” Yolanda says, “Lastly, it delivers a flexible assessment and examination options for parents and students. This gives them the opportunity to set goals and achieve success.”


The Year-End Dance Concert

Yolanda Dance Studio hosts its spectacular Year-End Dance Concert biennially.

“This year, the Yolanda Dance Studio will be doing its second concert and the designated theme will be ‘The Ballet Gala’ as it was inspired by the word gala.”
For Yolanda, the word is synonymous with celebrations, festivals, and parties. “Many of my students have joined my ballet class since they were very young and now, they’ve grown up and are ready to perform more technically classical ballet, contemporary dance and this year, we’ll have an additional dance called character dance.” She elucidates.
The year-end dance will include 17 different dance and involve 200 students from the stage of 4-year-old students to adults.
With such an ambitious project, Yolanda shares with us some of her challenges in ensuring everything is up to par from the dance student to the audience.
“It’s very demanding as I’m the only teacher that’s doing all 17 dances’ choreography on my own,” but she lightens up when talks about the grand scale of the year-end dance, “This year, we’ll be collaborating with Artistry Fab Lab, a digital fabricator to do a huge castle arch for the backdrop of the concert!” She excitedly proclaims.
“A lot of effort went into this event, from the choreography to the graphic design.” She thoughtfully relays, “I’m very particular about the performer’s costumes and accessories.”
And apparently, it’s a family matter that’s made with homely love.
“The costumes are not only designed, and handpicked by me, but it’s also tailor-made by my mother. The hair accessories are also handpicked by me and some are handmade from the teachers of Yolanda Dance Studios.
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“I’ve put on lots of efforts for the concert and I want to ensure it will be a successful one,” she says, “I can say that I am a perfectionist and I will make sure The Ballet Gala is a quality concert that will definitely impact those who come to our show!”

 *Entrance fee for the year-end concert is priced from RM25 to RM 80. Priority will be given to the existing student’s parents and leftover seats will be open to the public.

To get in touch with Yolanda Dance Studio for more information, you may call them at 016-831 1570 or visit them in person at Block H, Lot 64-2, Jalan Pintas Penampang, Plaza 333,Kobusak Commercial Centre, 88200 Kota Kinabalu

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